Cold Beverages

20 oz.

20 oz.
Pepsi Coca-Cola Classic
Diet Pepsi Diet Coke
Cherry Pepsi Diet Coke w/ Lime
Diet Cherry Pepsi Caffeine Free Diet Coke
Mountain Dew Cherry Coke
Diet Mountain Dew Diet Cherry Coke
Mountain Dew Code Red Sprite
Mountain Dew Diet Code Red Diet Sprite
Mountain Dew Live Wire Nestea Cool
Mug Root Beer Nestea Unsweetened / No Lemon
Tropicana Fruit Punch Vault
Tropicana Strawberry Mellon Mello Yello
Tropicana Pink Lemonade Fanta Orange
Lipton Iced Tea Fanta Grape
Aquafina Water Minutemaid Lemonade

20 oz.

20 oz.
Green Squall Grape
Fruit Punch Fruit Punch
Lemon Lime Orange
Mountain Blast Cool Breeze
Arctic Shatter Lemon Lime
Jagged Ice Glacier Freeze

20 oz.

20 oz.
Diet 7-Up
Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Vernors
Diet Squirt
Ruby Red Squirt
Diet Ruby Red Squirt
A & W Root Beer
A & W Cream
Diet A & W
Sunny Delight
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch Berry
Hawaiian Punch Melon
Gatorade Lemon Lime
Gatorade Riptide


20 oz. Water
Water with Lemon
Raspberry Water
Strawberry Water


Homogenized Pints
2% Reduced Fat Pints
Chocolate Milk Pints
Nesquik Milk (Chocolate,
Vanilla, Strawberry, Smores)
Orange Juice (pint)
Ice Tea (pint)
Raspberry Yogurt (8 oz.)
Blueberry Yogurt (8 oz.)
Strawberry/Banana Yogurt (8 oz.)
Black Cherry Yogurt (8 oz.)
Peach Yogurt (8 oz.)
Strawberry Yogurt (8 oz.)

This is a selection of our most popular cold beverages. If there's a brand you're looking for, simply let us know and we'll do our best to satisfy your specific needs.


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